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Falcon Lease has a young and growing fleet of high quality ISO tanks used for the intermodal transport and storage of chemical or food grade liquids. Our fleet of tanks are designed to the higher specification, are built with industry leading manufacturers with years of ISO tank experience and, as with the UN Portable Tank industry as a whole, are built to provide the highest safety standards for transport and storage of bulk liquids, whilst having minimal environmental impact.

We have an ongoing commitment to growing our fleet in a sustainable and responsible manner which allows us to provide the right equipment in the right places to suit your requirements. Falcon Lease are able to offer tanks with capacities of between 21,000 liters to 35,000 liters including Baffled, Reefer, Swap Bodies and Gas Tanks. For specific requirements we will work with you to help find a tailored solution to suit your business needs. Please get in touch to discuss our current fleet and availability or to discuss new build requirements, we would be delighted to hear from you.

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