Sustainable ISO Tanks

Tank containers offer the most environmentally friendly way of transporting bulk liquid products. The ISO tank is designed to last and has a lifespan of 20+ years. In excess of 93% of its materials are renewable and reusable, meaning that when it comes to the end of lifespan, our tanks are destined either to be remanufactured (adding significant additional lifespan) or retired to be scrapped and recycled. The inherent sustainability of the ISO tank makes it the preferred method of bulk liquid transport of many global businesses.

Throughout our supply chain we strive to work with suppliers and customers who adopt the same sustainability principles to ensure we are working collaboratively to sustain and protect our planet and our people. For further information, please see our environment policy and supplier code of conduct

In January 2024 Falcon Lease were awarded an EcoVadis silver rating, acting as an indicator of our long-standing commitment to embed sustainable practice into our Company. As a business we are committed to being a proactive and enabling part of aiding the wider ISO tank industry in its sustainable practice efforts.


We believe an ethical and responsible business is born from the heart of the company, with its people. Teamwork is at the center of everything we do, and our team of skilled and dynamic individuals work hard together with a goal of being a long term trusted partner in tank container leasing solutions and service. We aim to gain customers trust and provide creative solutions in order to deliver results. Falcon Lease is committed to pursuing the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability and upholding these standards is of the highest importance to us.

Falcon Lease is an equal opportunity employer who supports diversity, inclusiveness, teamwork and equity for all employees, suppliers, and customers. In our operation we have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination, compulsory labor, bullying or harassment. Our approach to acting sustainably includes adhering to human rights, health, safety and ethical standards. This approach to business transcends across all areas of our operation, from staff training, sustainable procurement, supplier assessments and compliance with a broad range of policies covering best practice for both our people and our planet.